Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer of Success- Week 8

Devotional:Pioneer day is coming up!A lot of my husband's ancestors were pioneers.Keeping with the theme of pioneers we talked about Lehi and his family,who were pioneers.Lehi belonged to the house of Israel through Joseph,who was sold into Egypt.They left Jerusalem and were guided to the promised land.We talked about how hard it would be to leave all our treasures behind. I asked the children if they could do that and what they would take with them.

We decided to take a journey of our own.We pretended to be explorers.

Writing prompt: They each had a notebook, pencil and magnifying glass.They wrote their findings.

The challenge was to find a face in a tree or we found one on the fence.

What better place to explore than the library!I printed these cute library plan.

What are you doing to explore for Summer break?

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