Friday, September 5, 2014

Transportation theme-Letter B and D

Devotional: It is a month until our October General Conference. We are reading last April's General Conference talks as a review.We talked about Jeffrey R Hollands talk.I had the kids write down what they are going to do to strengthen their testimony and be a better disciple of Christ.

Letters:B and D

The idea for this months activities is to talk about the world and maps.What better way to introduce the world then to make a rocket and pretend to go into space.

We looked at satellite views of the earth and introduced the U.S. continent. We also watched some rockets taking off.We talked about Jesus creating the earth.I want him to understand that our world is made up of continents,states,cities,neighborhood and his home.We will see how this all comes together. :-) It always seems more clear in my head!

Story:Fun to learn counting by Sue Graves

Music and movement:
 He has the whole world in his hands.
Jump like rockets and countdown.

Craft:instructions here.If you look close you can see rocks holding up Lego guys and a green alien. 

 Next week we will start our journey.Where will we go.............?

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