Monday, January 5, 2015

Reaching in and reaching out-week 2

Have you ever hears the phrase "home can be a heaven on earth"
My home is far from what I would consider a heaven.It is more like a Zoo.There are piles of shoes, toys dishes and laundry.My children are more akin to wild animals.They are dirty, loud and messy.It is hard to think that it will ever be peaceful clean and beautiful.First, as Mom's we need to take care of ourselves first.Just like the sun rises, when it's light touches the flowers and living things come to life.As Mom's, to be radiant, we need to fill our vessels with light in order to give light.
This week for my:
I want to try new exercises each week so that I can keep it interesting and fun! The YouTube video below are button burning exercises.

If you take the word heart and look at the middle letters you get "ear".We hear with our ears but we also can hear with our heart.It is a deeper listening where we think about it and really internalize it.I want to become a better listener.I intend to eliminate distractions and give my children my full attention.
If I want the atmosphere to be different it starts with me! Home should be clean, safe and secure.Parents should never raise their voice at each other, especially in front of the kids.When you walk in your door what do you see? Is it orderly and inviting or is it like my house most times, a drop zone? What will you see as you walk in further? I have always wanted a place where all who enter to feel comfortable and have fun!I am going to work on keeping this area clean.

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