Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine to my readers

Hi!Sorry that I have been Missing for a while. My husband and I have been married 11 years! A wonderful neighbor watched all four of our kids overnight so we could have some time together. Then we went to a family history day called Rootstech. It was amazing and we have caught the genealogy bug!

Let's play a little game. I played it with a big group of people and it was a riot! To start off we had to choose our favorite candy from conversation hearts, snickers, almond joy and 3 musketeers. Each candy was a conversation starter:

Conservation hearts- Someone you would like to have a conversation with.
Since I have been thinking about the family that has left this earth I want to talk to My Grandma Howard and Grampa Davis who both passed before I was born.

Snickers-embarrassing moment.
When I was in college I came home late and it was dark in my apartment. I couldn't see at all! I walked right into a door separating all our rooms and woke everyone up. My nose was pretty sore and so was my pride.

Almond Joy- Something that brings you joy.
 My family brings the most joy and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Oh and music!

3 Musketeers- 3 people that have influenced your lives.
 It is hard to just narrow it down to 3 so I might cheat a little. First is my Savior. Second are my parents. Third is my seminary teacher.

Fun huh? Now you know a little more about me. I would love for you to share! I promise to write more soon!

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