Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The one and only trick to find balance in Motherhood!

I was watching Castle last night. My husband and I are addicted to this show! The kids even know not to bug us when Castle is on. LoL. Kate Becket a homicide defective is paired in a investigation with this super cop, or so she thought...... Kate asked her how she did it all without struggling. The other defective replied

"The trick is to not look at it as a struggle but to find balance. The moment you think it is a struggle you fall!"

I have been thinking about this quote and found such a wonderful Aha moment! I am not saying that trials and conflict won't come our way, but that we look at it differently. As Mothers we may feel like we are being pulled in different directions. We would rather beat our heads against a wall than deal with another tantrum or sibling rivalry. We used to he happy right? The demands of Motherhood drain and frustrate us.

If we are driving along and we hit some road construction we cannot fight it right? We have to slow down or we get stuck in traffic. We might feel some urgency to get through it but changing lanes and following the flashing lights is all we can do. Let me repeat....... there is nothing we can do but stay on the path we are on! Sometimes we are offered a detour but we have to decide if we want to take it. It might seem like a good choice but it may take you far away from your course.

Slow down and ignore the pressure and expectations from Pinterest and Facebook and other social media.

Some construction as a Mom are tantrums, stress, bad day, too busy, illness, unruly children, difficulty in finances and the list goes on!

Detours are like a re-evaluating time in our lives. What is our mission and purpose? What is working or not? How did you lead and guide your children today? Resist the urge to multi-task because then you are not giving your full attention to whatever you are doing at the time.
Here are a few questions to get you thinking....

Ask God what you may be doing to make it harder on yourself?

What makes you a good Mother?

Again the trick is to go with your struggle and don't fight it! Don't see it as a struggle but an opportunity to bring your life back into balance when it is not. To be in balance means you put your family and you first. Do something each week to keep your identity. I am asking you to find peace in taking sometime to yourself. Involve your kids in your passions too. Most of all keep trying to find balance even if it may be a detour from the normal. Most importantly remember how lucky you are and how short of a time you really have with your little ones.

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