Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A little bit of sun, fun and Doctors-No pain no gain!

"Are you feeling well?" my kids asked

What can I say to them when it hurts to move, my stomach hurts and my head is pounding. That was yesterday. Today I was at an internist to see if they could figure out what might be going on. She seemed to think opposite of what my doctors were thinking and wanted to test me for Sacroiliitis.?????Whatever that is!This is a term used to describe inflammation of your sacrioliac joints. Hmmmmm interesting. I looked that up and found that I do have a lot of the symptoms but what does that have to do with my stomach? There is definitely more to look into here!

I intend to take this to the Lord and see what I feel from it. Oh yes and she took me off of my supplements and wants me to eat. I told her I do eat, but most food hurts me. I will take this back to my general practitioner to see what they say as well. I feel like I still have more questions than answers at this point. Grrrrr so frustrating!

I also started reading the Book of Mormon in a month challenge with my sister in law. We are supposed to read 8 chapters a day. Not too much but it definitely takes more time than my usual morning study. I am loving it!

My oldest 2 have swimming lessons this and next week so life is a little more busy for us! Might have to take a break from school?

My oldest son finished his Pokemon bag with pieces of white, red, black and blue felt! Yay! I am so  proud.
At the end of the day I took my kids to the splash pad. It was hard to really enjoy them because I was hurting so bad! I am glad I did it though. Every day is a challenge but I am not giving up! I hope this will help any of you, who may be struggling on some way. You can find the gain in the pain. This is my true blue days of pain but I can only change the way I see it and that is my gain!

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