Thursday, October 22, 2015

Girl Power! It is that powerful!

I had a good day today! I love when I can say that and even hold onto that for the next few days. It is hard when my posts, like my last one, are sad . This one is not though. Yay! So what made it so good? Girl Power baby! I love getting together with amazing woman. It just makes me feel like I am doing okay and that they have struggles just like me. I am trying to make goals for the year to organize and inspire my family. I hate nagging, so I will not do it anymore!!!!! Yes I am really going to stop! It doesn't work. So now I get to come up with a whole new system for chores and ways to touch their little hearts so they will want to pitch in. Not to mention ending the fighting and hurting each other on the inside and the outside. How am I going to you might ask? I don't know yet! That is my goal this week to fine tune my plan. Just like a instrument can go out of key, my family is a little dissonant and out of harmony with each other.

I am glad that I was reminded to take my problems to the Lord. A piano doesn't know when it is off  key and neither do people, really. They may feel off or disconnected but they might not know what is the cause or how to make it better. Here is where you and I come in! It is a big job but someone has got to do it!

In order to find a create a master plan and help my family be in tune with each other I will
  1. Prayerfully consider what my children need.
  2. heal any relationships
  3. I want to understand my role as a mother to keep contention out of my home
  4. Change my view of what nurturing means to me
  5. Find a way to inspire and inspire my children
  6. Take my rightful and needful place as Russell M. Nelson states in his conference talk  A plea to my sisters
  7. Nurture yourself so you can nurture your child and be a light
  8. Find a way to enforce routines without being authorative and strict
You will notice that nurturing is on there a few time. Why? Shouldn't this nurturing gig just come natural to me? Stress and the frustrations of motherhood can get in the way.  Frustration can be like a pencil that has rolled inside your piano. This pencil can get stuck on the block of wood in charge of making  a note. Your result? You hit the key and no sound. It just sticks. I know this because my son loves to draw and put several pencils on the piano. Eventually when I found time to play it, (hint-not very often do I get to play) there were many keys that were sticking! We had to open it up and painstakingly pull them out one b one.them out. Being upset is like a pencil shoved in our works. We have to deal with that before we can deal with  the issue at hand. It impedes nurturing? SO how many "pencils" do you have in your mommy self?

Nurturing doesn't come naturally to me. I am just not that Mom who wants to do everything for her kids and loves doing all the house work, like Donna Reed or something. I have to be more mindful of it. Just like most everything I want in life. Nothing has come easily to me. Friends, school, my health.....pout pout

What has really gotten me to this point or wanting to set goals is girl power. Yes I have it too! My home is my kingdom, my heaven on earth. Keeping it stable and strong while it us under siege is a tough job. I need some more of that girl power. Everyday! Everyday! Everyday!

Whether my family is out of tune or under attack I need to mentally and physically aware and ready!

So my list above is a huge undertaking, I still need to narrow it down some more.

Stay tuned....... no pun intended...... okay maybe a little

Lead me, guide me,walk beside me. Help me find the way. Teach me all that I must do to live with him someday.

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