Saturday, December 5, 2015

Days 3-5 of 25 days to a more Christ centered Christmas

It has been a busy couple of days! I guess even when you try it is hard to not over schedule. Although I do try to have only one activity that day and if I participate in an activity, I try to have a day of rest in between. That didn't happen this weekend. I am going to look at my schedule this week and try to make sure it is not too crowded. Who wants to join me? Or, you could look at your to do list and drop a few of them. You can do it! I want to savor this time and make it a very personal one for me and my family and for YOU too!!

Day 3
Due to our business,I almost forgot to do our tradition of hiding the baby Jesus and having the kids find him. The one that finds him gets to hide him the next night. We always talk about how we each need to find Jesus. We can seek him everyday and come to him.

We also watched Getting into the Christmas spirit-the true meaning of Christmas. How many of you can relate to the conversation the parents were having? I know I can.

Day 4
Today we went to our neighbors annual hot chocolate party. It was great, visiting with all our neighbors and friends. It got pretty late so we didn't get to do a devotional.

Day 5
My daughter and I participated in the coolest Christmas idea yet. It is called a holiday market. We signed up and made 10 homemade gifts to sell. They could be from $0.50-$2.00. When you get there you set it up and are given play money to buy things. It is a great opportunity to help your kids get gifts for everyone in the family. So neat right?

Here are her sock snow men! Aren't they cute!!!

Tonight we opened our gift we promised to give to the Savior from a from last year. It was fun to read them and be reminded of those gifts. Next, we wrote new ones for next year! It will be here soon!We are all trying to be more like Jesus.
 We also read My gift to Jesus.

What are your traditions? Are you finding some peace this Christmas? Are you finding time for the Savior?

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