Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Letter D-Dinos and more

Rug time-Introduce our letter D and what sound it makes.We are learning about our days of the week.O found this cute song set to the tune of the Adams Family to remember the days of the week.confessionsofahomeschooler.com

We stomped like dinosaurs all the way to our Dino den(bunk bed with a blanket over it) and read about dinosaurs.Then we had an egg hunt.There was 4 of them to introduce the number 4.There were little treats inside too!The kids even hid them for Mommy.
Next was Domino drop.You get a container or bowl and have them stand over it to see how many they can get into the bowl. Then I got spoons and other bowls and more game pieces and my daughter said "thanks for entertaining us Mom.This should keep us busy." I think kids are way more perceptive then we think.They poured and they mixed.


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