Thursday, March 14, 2013

color orange and rainbow fairies

Today we are studying the color orange.Here is our area of all things orange.We started out by reading the book Rainbow Fairies  by Charles Reasoner.Did you know after it rains fairies make rainbows? Read this book it is so cute!

Orange bin

We played with play d'oh and orange tools.They got really creative with this one.

Snack:Doritos=orange fingers
Fine motor:I was listening to my 2 year old play with his truck.He said first this wheel and next this one.Such a smart boy to know sequencing!

We went on a walk to look for signs of Spring.We saw buds on trees and tulips coming up.
Next, we made rainbow fairy houses to stay in when it rains.The kids thought that the leprechauns might hide their gold there too.They really got into it.She made traps.It was a beautiful day!!!

He was trying to push over the tree he is so cute.

Tummy time outside.They can be on the floor on your lap or on the tummy.There are so may different ways to do tummy time.He is getting so strong.I will write more about what we do for tummy time in a later post.

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