Thursday, March 28, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday

It has been a real busy week.Life still revolves around little Mister.Some days I can barely open my eyes.I was falling asleep while I was reading to my kids!!!Another time my hubby was so tired that when I asked for the baby he handed me the blanket instead.What are some funny things you have done because of sleep deprivation?

I did manage to stay on top of my laundry.I also finished the hallway top to bottom.I dusted pictured in my room and organized and dusted my dresser.I didn't do anything fancy but I put my jewelry in a hanging organizer so I can see what I have now.Pictures to come......

In addition I made a chore chart with empty picture frames.I can write on it with dry erase markers.I heard from somewhere but I don't know that to know how many chores to assign you take the child's age and multiply it by 2.So a 2 year old would have one,for example.This is in addition to picking up his toys.Each of my kids are expected to keep their rooms picked up and my oldest 2 can put their laundry in the washer by themselves.How do you assign chores at your house?

I hope you know that I love writing these posts.I hope to inspire and help wherever I can.As a busy Mom to another I hope for you all to realize what you accomplish and give yourself a reward for your hard work.You can paint your nails or a bowl of ice cream.I hope you are all making progress on your Spring cleaning and taking back your Turf one day at a time.

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