Friday, June 7, 2013

Letter of the week V-6 ways for kids to make a video and Volcano

V is for Volcano.This week we did some volcano fun.
Our first experiment we took a tray, some baking soda,food coloring and vinegar.
I put the food coloring on the baking soda and the kids used droppers for some colorful fizzy fun.It is a variation on what was done here

The second time I did one color at a time so it wouldn't turn a dark color,but there would be more pretty color mixing.

Our next experiment I threw all good table manners out the window.You take milk,red food coloring and a straw.Then let the kids blow bubbles.

We listened to the volcano song.It is really cute.It has good vocabulary words for the older kids:

We also did V for Videos.The kids chose to do a 1.puppet show behind a white sheet.You could do anything though.A few more ideas would be to 2.have them teach something, a cooking show, or video or 6.just be silly!

My kids like most have a hard time with controlling their tempers.They are like little volcanoes.When they get upset they over react at times and erupt with a display more terrifying than the volcano videos we watch.We talked about controlling ourselves and ways to calm down.

While I was folding laundry we pretended to be volcanoes and erupt!

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