Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter of the week W and Zoo much fun!

First we started out with the story of Noah's Ark.We talked about the flood and how he brought the animals on the arc 2 by 2.We also talked about how he had to build it himself instead of the Lord just making an arc of here in our lives we have tests and trials and things that are hard.He can't make it easy for us otherwise we wouldn't learn.

We also talked about the letter of the week W.What starts with W:
wow ,what, warthog ,wet ,water and wound. I had my Kinder practice writing the letter W and the sound.

For the baby we are doing the nursery rhyme,What are little boys made of?
 Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails that's what little boys are made of.We read the book Touch and feel on the farm and talked about animal's sounds and how a frog is bumpy and a dog is soft.Here are pictures from the book some other baby stuff I had.

We watched the Zoo song

We read a book The Underpants Zoo.What animals are in the zoo? I had the kids right down animals from A to Z to see how many they could think of.I had my Kindergartner sound out the words and then I corrected her later.It's good way to practice writing her letters and for me to know what she needs to practice with.

She got bored with the activity, but my 8 year old love to find the animals especially when we got to the hard ones like q,x and y.For my toddler we had him draw the animals and talk about the letters they started with.

Getting back to nature:What is inside a dandelion?The kids asked
There is white milk inside that is smelly and tastes bitter.They made soup out of water and weeds and grass.

We watched a Time lapse of dandelion.The kids thought this was pretty cool.They were surprised that it could be used as medicine.

We also played some sponge tag.You get the sponge wet and toss!Followed by a light saber fight on the trampoline.Another use for pool noodles!

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