Tuesday, August 6, 2013

11 ways to celebrate wiggle your toes day

1.We talked about toes and feet.They are our foundation on which we stand.They help us get to where we are going.We can feel hot and cold,rough or smooth. We can run,kick,jump with them.Woman love to put shoes on them.
2.We can exercises just our toes.I found some great ones here
3.You can feel different surfaces.We went outside barefoot to focus on how they felt.The baby really liked the grass.

4.We played a fun game of Toe-ga.All you need pom poms,bucket and your feet!Plus you sneak some math in when you count the pom poms to see who won.

5.For your baby do the yoga pose happy baby.Tickle their toes and play This little piggy.
6.Fill a bathtub with ice and pick them up with your feet.

7.Soak your feet in vinegar
8.Make your own foot soak.Here is a lime mint foot soak
9.splash in puddles
10.Paint them
11.We got a sheet and paint and let them dip their feet in paint and dance all over the sheet.Sooo much fun!

Writing prompt:I like to use my feet to do/play

To continue with humility the kids chose somone and walked up to them and said, I like _____ about you.It was really sweet to watch.

Letter:T for toes

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