Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14-less smart phone and more communication(31 days of more and less)

Today's challenge:
Carve out some smart-phone free space in your day.  Ask your spouse for an honest evaluation of your smart phone usage, then together create a few smart phone policies to implement in your life.

I must confess I am a phone -a -holic! I didn't used to be but with baby #4 if it was late at night and I was feeding him I needed to stay awake!
Now it is a habit.Plus I have been blogging more since I started these challenges.You just can't focus one thing or other areas of your life suffers.I am a little afraid to ask my hubby what he thinks about my usage.I think that is saying something to me right there.I am not going to use my phone at all tonight once he gets home.I want to be connected(with family) before I become disconnected. (playing on my phone)

If you read my post yesterday we were supposed to write letters to our kids or spouse.I had a lot of fun with it.I wrote each kid a letter on a animal I drew for them.I really hope they like it!For family time tonight they will be decorating their individual mailbox.

I am grateful for:

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