Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 19-less sugar and more cooking(31 days cchallenge less and more)

Today's challenge:
Plan a healthy, low-in-sugar menu for the coming week.  Use some of the ideas from Edie's post, if you’ve never done this before.Think about your schedule and what night’s would be better for something in the crock pot or oven all day.  Make your list and then grocery shop tomorrow for what you need.

Fast food is convenient but it costs a lot.I did make a list.I love knowing what I am having for dinner each night.If I can prepare it in advance it is even better.I get in a rut sometimes.I get tired of cooking the same old stuff week after week.

If you buy frozen food try cooking one fresh meal.Have fun looking.Look online,magazines and watch food network(one of my faves)I agree that sugar is too available.Read labels carefully,limit or omit soda.There are desserts that can actually be good for you.You just need to adjust the ingredients.I love to have done pure chocolate.It is kinda bitter but it gets better as you use it.I love it in yogurt.It is also good with cereal.Good luck and have fun!

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