Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3-Less bitterness and more forgiveness

Today's challenge :
 Identify one person who has wronged you and become a source of bitterness in your life.  Write a letter detailing what you are angry about and how that hurt you.  End the letter by writing down how you intend to let go of your bitterness.  Don’t send the letter, but make a commitment to pray for that person every day this month.

A name does come to mind.In fact I think about her quite often!I have had a hard time making friends since I moved and got married.There are at least 3 reasons I had trouble making friends.First we were in apartments so I think a lot of people saw us as just temporary so it was really hard to get anyone to really be our friends.Secondly, it is always easier or convenient to make friends with someone who has kids your age.It was hard to do that with a new born baby.Third,it has to be a 2 way street.Both you and the other person have to put in an effort.It always seemed to be mine making the effort.<<sigh>>
When I met,lets call her Lisa,we had kids the same age.Score I thought! Everyone around me warned me about her daughter,but I thought I would see for myself.We became instant friends!It was great.There was something mentally wrong with her daughter, but it didn't bother me because all kids hit,pull hair and scream at the wind or sun to stop it right?Well months past and it got worse and for fear of being alone said nothing, but I was scared for my kids.We would walk to school but I did not have a car so she drove.She was going there anyway.I was getting sicker and could barely function.I didn't realize I was a ticking bomb waiting to blow.First she left my kid injured and bleeding at school because she had to be somewhere.I still said nothing.Do you see where I am going with this?
The straw that broke the camels back was to see my kid hunched over with her child digging her nails into his head.Tick.tick.tick,BOOM! Bomb went off.I ran to my kid and told her get to get off.Then I left mad as a hornet.Luckily I did nothing else.The next day she tore me to shreds in front of many parents.I didn't want to talk I knew it could only lead to trouble.She wouldn't leave it alone and talked to EVERYONE!

I don't know why I gave her power over me for so long! I used to say I did nothing wrong.I did yell at her kid.But what she did was far more intense?This is what has been going over my mind for years.I wrote letters wanting to move on but she wrote so called "apology" letters redeeming her of any wrong so they never got sent.Maybe if I would have admitted some fault things would have gone differently.After all wouldn't Jesus have turned the other cheek,like he did to his offenders so many times.Perhaps it would not have mattered what I did.You can't argue how someone feels.I am going to write this letter and pray for her.I hope I give anyone the courage to admit fault and change your heart.God  will do the rest!

What have you been festering about?

I am grateful
1.Today's challenge
2.Kind people best friend

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