Friday, November 22, 2013

Turkey adventure-Day 2

Nate the great heard a knock at his door.What now?

It's Olivia!

...........and a feather!We wrote our own stories using Native American signs.

Here is the next question.Who is on Olivia's turkey team?
Is it Oliver,Rasamond,Annie,Fang or all of them?

 If Olivia formed a team where would they go??What would they do next?
If no,what is Olivia going to do next?I had my oldest kids write their own story and guesses!

If they flip over the right feather they get the next clue!

Get your magnifying glasses out!

Fun fact:
Foods eaten on the first Thanksgiving included chicken, fish, rabbit, lobster, onions, dried fruit, carrots, eggs, cabbage and beans.

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