Thursday, December 12, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-Holiday speed cleaning (just remember S.A.N.T.A)

Wow this month is flying by.We are creative,busy and messy!Who has the time?Not me!So you need to clean in a flash?Just follow my rules from Santa...

Say goodbye to garbage.Walk around with a bag and a box.The bag is for garbage.The box is for EVERYTHING else that doesn't belong.Put the box somewhere to go through soon!Vacuum or quickly sweep floors.

Access the mess.What is left?Are your floors and top surfaces clean?bathrooms?Make a plan but try to only spend 5-10 minutes where guests might see.If your bathroom is really gross you might want to do that the night before.

Night before gets you out the door.The night before guests arrive make a plan and make sure you have the food you need.Do as much as you can the night before.After all Santa delivers his gifts in one night!

Tackle the kitchen last.Here is why?You can hide dishes in the dishwasher,closets if you can't get to them.Plus after you clean it is time to prepare and put the food together.So clear surfaces including table.Label another box for the paper and kitchen catchalls.Sweep.

Allow time for people to arrive.You want to have time for any emergencies or something you forgot.You may need to tidy up the bathroom because the kids were in there!When you do your holiday shopping ahead of time,right? Buy extras so you don't run out!Baby diaper blowouts also can happen!Be prepared for it.You need to get that stink out of your house.Scentsy and deodorizing sprays to the rescue!Try to be ready 15 minutes earlier than guests should be arriving.

Santa has his elves to help so if you can and need it,enlist in more help, or a babysitter.

Don't forget the Santa-tizer!

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