Monday, February 17, 2014

Meditation Monday-6 ways to have a vacation from your vacation

How to have a vacation after your vacation

I didn't really go on a vacation but it was a long road trip,late nights and a different routine.I find myself happy to be home but overwhelmed with the tornado of things to do.We went to see family under stressful circumstances.A heart attack and triple bypass surgery.The person is doing well but I had to leave so I feel a sense of loss and missing seeing them everyday.It was such a quick,and last minute trip that my house did not get a thorough cleaning.It is kind of depressing.So now what?The kids don't have school today.We are tired and a little blue.

I would think the first thing to do
1.unpack and start the laundry.
2.Think about what the first thing you do normally when you wake up and do that first.For me that is laundry.
3.Write a list of all you need to do and do a couple each day.
4.Go to bed earlier to get back on track.You only work against yourself if you are tired.Give it time and you will get back into the swing of things!
5.Don't push yourself. Schedule in some relaxing and find some away time just for you.
6.Start slowly.Do a little each day and reward yourself after.Take a walk and reward yourself.Do some laundry and reward yourself.

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