Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 5 (14 days and 14 ways to show love Day 4)

Love is not only for your family but for you too!Today what are you going to do:

Today I want you to take a nap.If you can at least try to rest or nap for 15minutes!How long you nap is up to you.Start small and if you want to increase the time that is fine.Be creative to find a time and a place,especially if you are at work.A nap can give you more energy and rejuvenate the mind and body.

My husband hates coming home to and unhappy messy house.Today I made the effort to stop what I was doing when he got home.I gave him a big hug and kiss.In our meeting on Sunday that was one thing he mentioned that made him feel more loved.It is so simple to do but it dies take effort to not bombard him with screaming kids or tell him how tired I am.If you don't know what your Spouse appreciates just ask him and then do it!See what happens!;-)

For my KIDS
How cooking with your kids can be all the therapy they need!If you teach your kids to cook at a young age you are teaching them to be more independent.There is no better time to praise and admire them.It is also a great way to have one on one time and to LISTEN to them.Sure you make a mess,but you can find many teaching experiences in those moments.It brings everyone together.Cooking also gives your kids a sense of achievement and self confidence."I did this!"
It is even a good way to use extra energy or get your frustrations out.Bake some cookies or let them help with dinner.It takes more of your time and patience but the long term effects are well worth it!
Prayer for husband and kids:
That he would be a strong spiritual leader.

For my HOME
Our home is not too different from a cranky,tired child.When a child is too tired they do not function well and all signs lead to an impending melt down.If a room is cluttered it does not function either.How do you feel when you walk into a messy room?Anxious,irritable and maybe a little lost?Take some time to pick up an area that is not functioning.I know a big one,for me,is my kitchen.If I can function in there it trickles into other areas of the house!Set a time and just go!See it looks better already!

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