Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 3-What am I going to feed this kid?(The saga of the gluten free,dairy free,peanut free,soy free diet)

The food fights back.Our young apprentice is learning to use the food!The rebel allergens are hiding somewhere on the planet kitchen.My thoughts are starting to betray me.I worry about the power of the allergy side.Soon my young apprentice will also learn the power of the food and step away from the allergy side.

8-leftover dinner and a green smoothie.The baby ate some too!

12-baby was very eager to eat and had spaghetti with me and a little rice milk.I am sad to say that this will be my last day of Zipfizz.I did not realize it has green tea and caffeine in it.It really does pack a punch but I am worried about the effects it will have on the baby.I think I could do some of the ingredients on my own in a smoothie or something.I have had so much energy and can clean with gusto until the baby gets into something!I guess the experimenting continues!

3-Pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin seeds and a salad with spinach, olive oil vinaigrette and sunflower seeds.I am not feeling to good.I am wondering what I should eat next and if I am getting all the vitamins I need.This is such a shock to my system but I have to stop cold turkey for the baby!I am feeling overwhelmed!

5-The rest of the night just got worse.I ended up with a migraine so my husband had to take over.The baby didn't sleep well at all and I broke down hysterical.The babies face does look better but he is still really itchy.I don't know if my writing is conveying the major low I was at yesterday.I hope I got it out of my system for the week.I have too much to do!

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