Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 4-What am I going to feed this kid?(The saga of the gluten free,dairy free,egg free,nut free,soy free diet)

My young apprentice has been training for days.The battle is continuing between our food and allergens.I am finding the true war is within.

7:30-I only had time for a bowl of corn chex cereal with rice milk.I also grabbed some pumpkin seeds as I went out the door.It is a lot harder without my hubby here to help.

9-I made some quinoa and put it in my green smoothie this morning.It wasn't too bad but I need to blend it more.You can find more green thickie recipes here

The down side to these smoothies is it takes a while to drink.Then I had to nurse the baby because he won't eat normal food today.:(

11:30-Some leftover sausage and potato with apples and onions.Not sure what I am going to eat for a snack.Yes this is where my time goes.......After I eat I am thinking about what I will eat next.

2-I am starving!I ate some pumpkin seeds and these exotic potato chips.They are yellow,blue red and orange.

3-Corn chex cereal with bananas and strawberries with rice milk.The baby had some sweet potato fries!

6-The baby and I ate rice noodles with chicken.I put a sauce of 1cup beef broth,1tbsp balsamic vinegar,some ginger and sesame seed oil.Yummy!He still won't stop rubbing his face on the carpet though!It is so frustrating!

A little cereal with rice milk and bananas and off to bed and some more pumpkin seeds.I also soaked in Epsom salt bath which felt great!

I need more ideas for snacks and a maid!

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