Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reaching out and reaching in-How it is never too late!

Things are already changing in my house!I feel less stress and quality time with my family. All the worries,of is it too late to change, are fading away like the sun slowly setting on new hope and the vibrant colors, of pain and ache fade, with the end of each new day.What I an left with is a new radiant sun each new day and the light it is coming from me!

Looking back over the years a new dawn usually brought frustration. This frustration usually stemmed from a messy house, fatigue, aching body and uncooperative angry children. No wonder I was so miserable! My Children's anger only increased my impatience to the point that I didn't even want to listen to my kids. No sunlight equals darkness.To make matters even more complicated we were praying, reading the scriptures and going to church, but yet I did not feel radiant and it showed! Writing this is difficult because several people close to me read my blog, or at least I hope they do;).My hope in sharing this I can share light I have gained and like the wise 10 virgins I can be filling my lamp.

What has changed exactly?The first BIG change is that I am getting on top of my house! This was made possible by my sister coming for Christmas and just cleaning and helping wherever she saw a need. It felt good and it was contagious! Find that motivation within or someone who can help you get started! We(my sister, me and my husband) cleaned out 3 closets,3 full outside garbage full, clothes gone through,8 bags donated and a daily routine I love and can stick to!

Secondly,when I asked that one question what is most important right now? The answer was simple! I want me,my kids and my husband to be happy! If I was doing dishes and my preschooler asked if I could play with him I said YES! Do you want to help me lo dishes first and we can spend even more time together? His answer would be YES! The other thing I have been telling myself is just LISTEN!

I sat down with my oldest and talked to him about planners and how he could be in charge of his day! He just had to make sure he got homework and chores done by 7p.m.He has been loving it and pretty responsible. We are still ironing out all the details. Less nagging and more cooperation? Yes please!

We are all strong willed gifted with strong leadership skills in our family! This makes it difficult when we are as stubborn as wild stallions. I stopped fighting! I tried to give them all more freedom and choices, In addition I warned them that even though they has this new freedom they could not always control the consequences! If at any time they don't get the things they are supposed to do done then we try something else, but we work together as a team! No more my way or the highway! Like everything it will take time and adjustment!

My ray of hope is that my kids will begin to see the light that is in each of them. That they too will become more RADIANT!

My heath.......... more RADIANT!

My heart..... more RADIANT!

My home..... more RADIANT!

It s never too late because each new day is a new opportunity and a fresh start!

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