Monday, April 9, 2012

How to use letter G in lesson

Hi! I am excited for this week! I hope that you are enjoying the lessons and that special time you get with your kids. I am trying to get more organized.I have more of a schedule now.We did circle time with a book.This book is called Because a Little Bug went ka-choo.By Rosetta Stone. Look outside and record it in weather book.  We talked about when we get mad do we kick things or people? No!We picked out the words that rhymed.We found dropped and bopped,Jake and Lake,down and brown,stone and alone,Mary Lou and through,sink and think,yelp and help,fast and mast,down and town,afraid and parade,forget and yet,true and ka-choo.We also talked about up and down, near and far, in front or behind,under and over.Count eggs and put on groups.All of these activities were done from 9:30-10.At 10:00am we go outside and have snack time.
 What you need:plastic eggs to count and make sure they can match colors or designs.                        

Print the letter G from this website.Have kids color. .Get together letter G box.We found coincidentally green gators, green grass and flower that grows and grass.Ears to hear sounds hide behind couch and have them guess sounds.

Of course we had to play head shoulders knees and toes.Play where is your nose,mouth,eyes and ears for your toddler.Play head shoulders knees and toes.Talk about ears and why they are important.What if you couldn't hear? Bang on the drum a slow beat means walk and fast beat means run. Bell means to kneel down. A whistle means to stop and put your hand in the air. After they are comfortable with these sounds and what they mean combine them.

11:30-12:00pm-Outside play and lunch.We decided to combine it and have a picnic outside and we brought our favorite books.

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