Saturday, February 16, 2013

Take back your Turf-10 ways to recover from a c-section and juggle kids,house work etc.

So our new little one has come to our Family.
Meet Declan.
We have been getting to know him this week and letting him get to know us.There has been a lot of adjusting to do. He was done by c-section so needless to say I have not been up to much but there are a few little tips I want to share for preparing for a baby and for after the surgery.You are going to have to let the house go!Hopefully you have a good support system to stay on top of laundry, and dishes I did as much cleaning before the baby.

Tip 1:I had mentioned that I did freezer meals ahead of time and they have been working out great! Even my husband was not keen on the idea until we were both tired and frazzled that we didn't want to cook.
Tip 2:I made several busy bags for the kids to do while I am nursing,so they don't feel left out.Things like play doh,paper with crayons and stickers.There were strings and straws for them to bead.For my youngest I had cars and for my oldest boy legos.My youngest ones also like to play with the mail so I grabbed a whole bunch of junk mail.You can find lots of ideas online.
Tip3Enlist in help.My parents flew in before the surgery and then more family will be here a few weeks after.It is important when recovering not to push yourself and you are only aloud to lift the baby.
Tip4:Stay on top of the pain.My Nurse was really good at that.I don"t like meds but they help so you don't hurt when you get around.
Tip 5:They called me super woman at the hospital because I kept wanting to get up.I just wanted to go home!The more you do the better you feel.I made sure I took something a half an hour before I would stand up.
Tip 6:Give as much one on one time with the kids and involve them with the baby as much as you can!Jealousy has its way of creeping in so this one is super important.Sometimes all I have to do is ask if they want to read and they get a book which I have near by us.Do a busy bag.Or I will have them give me a diaper or help burp the baby.
Tip 7:Sleep when your baby sleeps! This is true for vaginal deliver too!
Tip 8:Have all the stuff you need near by like food,drink,entertainment,diapers,wipes,change of clothes for you and the baby.
Tip 9:I like to exercise but since I can't I l like to do Kegel exercise to strengthen my pelvic muscles 5-10 times for a few minutes.This is squeezing the muscles tat stop you from urinating.  I also stretch and wiggle my legs and flex my feet.There is also gentle ab contractions you can do.When I do get up I don't go fa.But as the weeks pass I get up more frequently.
Tip 10: After a week I try to go outside so I don't get the blues.I walk to the neighbors house and back.The next time I may walk to the neighbors house on the left and then back to the neighbor on the right and home.I continue to increase my distance but I am never too far from home.

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