Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Suess activities and A-J letter review

This week is Dr.Suess's birthday.We read several of his books this morning.Like a lot of blogs we are celebrating this week and we want to share what we did with our readers.We played this matching game we got for Christmas.For younger children like toddlers i only did 6 pairs so he had a better chance of remembering.We practiced putting cards in and taking them out.The kids also stacked them up and tried to build with them.We tried to figure out what character went with what book.

We read Green eggs and ham and instead of dying it green we put spinach in it and ham.My toddler tried to pick out the spinach.I said"you do not like them Son I am you do not like green eggs and ham." He ended up eating it!I am a lucky Mommy!

Next we did a letter Review for A-J.Every 3 months we will review what we have done so far. We reviewed Ro's name but when you ask him what his name is he always says 2.We played letter tag where I called out a letter and they had to run to it and say the sound it made.

Fine Motor:Then they had to put the foam letters in order.

Gross Motor:Then we put the foam letters in a circle and turned on some music.Then I had them freeze when the music stopped and they called out what letter they were on and what sound it made.

What they learn:
Baby lesson: 2 weeks old Nursery Rhyme:Jack and Jill.W tried it acting out wit puppets but the baby wasn't too interested.He is starting to respond more when you make sounds.He can be on is tummy longer.He can only be stimulated for short periods of time.His vision is still blurry so we continue to let him study our faces.

2 year old:Recognizing letters numbers,colors and shapes.He can draw a circle.Even though we go up to number 10 this year.My toddler only can handle #1-5.They learn the concept of in and out.He learned to brush his teeth and spit out the toothpaste!He can almost put his shirt on by himself. He can put his shoes on
5 year old-my daughter is really starting to get confident in her reading.She also knows her letter sounds.She was helping and correcting Rowen when he would be on the wrong letter She is a little perfectionist.She asks why to everything.

We also started our countdown to Spring where we took a walk to see if we see any signs of Spring.One can only hope! I a sick of the snow!!!!The only thing that we noticed on our walk was that the snow was melting yay!!!!

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