Friday, March 8, 2013

K for Kisses and Kangaroos and Kittens too!

The weather was somewhat arm today so I hid eggs outside with the Hershey kisses for the game I mention below.(Gross Motor: searching and running around looking for eggs.)

Opening their treasure
Fine Motor:opening the eggs

We played this game with Hershey kisses.I bought circle stickers.I put numbers1-10 on the stickers. I put it on the bottom of the Hershey kisses.Here is the link where I got this fabulous idea!
When you get a match you get to eat a Hershey kiss!

Fine motor: practice opening the Hershey kisses
They put their trail mix in the eggs which is more fine motor practice.

We took a lot of time for cuddles and kisses and books.

Nursery Rhyme:3 little Kittens
We have been working on this all week,I made this cute little puppet with a glove,felt and ribbon.My hubby sewed a little bell inside.Declan loved it!!!!

We touched his face with the felt so the baby could feel how soft it is.
We ave also been playing a flashlight game where the baby can watch the light on the wall and follow it to help develop his eyes.Of course we are still doing tummy time and talking and singing to him.The kids even sing to him sometimes.Too cute!!!

 Kids in the Kitchen part 2
On the Menu for tonight is hot dog boats.If you haven't tried these before you need to they are yummy and easy.Especially if you have left over mashed potatoes.

First we wash the potatoes because we didn't have any leftover potatoes.

After the potatoes were on the stove we prepared the hot dog boats.We talked about knife safety too!

The potatoes were mashed with a pastry cutter

The boats were then filled with the potatoes and the oven preheated to 325 degrees.
Add your favorite cheese on top it can be grated or in slices.

Its Corb's first time putting something in the oven so helped him to make sure he didn't touch the sides.

He made a lantern to put on our chandelier.

Here is the finished product after about 20 minutes of prep and 5 or so in the oven.Keep an eye on it when the cheese melts its done.We usually have it with green beans.We didn't have any.Sad :(

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