Monday, March 18, 2013

Meditation Monday

How was your week? I felt a little more relaxed and found more time to be still.I noticed that I started to stress and tense up and I took a deep breath without thinking about it.I think we just need to retrain our bodies to breathe more deeply.

I taught the kids this week how to breathe and be still.One out of the 3 took it seriously.No surprise there! We took stuffed animals so they could watch their tummy rise and fall.

Recently my nights with my 5 year old have been rough.She won't stay in bed and if she does she won't go to sleep.I asked friends what to because I had tried it all!One friend asked me if I had asked her why she wouldn't go to sleep.It dawned on me that as parents when our kids act up we don't look at ourselves first to see if we are doing something wrong.What a thought.Are we as parents willing to ask ourselves the hard questions? Maybe we missed something?With 4 kids it is easy to not spend equal time with them.Especially the ones at school all day.Sibling rivalry is common.There is only one of us.I think that this deserves more thought.

What do you think?Until next time.

Breathe,relax and be calm

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