Monday, March 25, 2013

Meditation Monday

I have been doing a lot of looking at myself lately.It has been challenging to say the least with 4 kids,1 of which is a new born.I have had to let a lot of house stuff go although I try.I started thinking back the last year or so when I had severe depression and how I barely functioned.There are many days or even several times a day where I sit there overwhelmed and cry.Then I blog about what the kids did and I realize that I am doing something.
We have been doing activities about Humpty Dumpty this last week and this week.He fell and they couldn't put him back together again.Well I have been put back together when I didn't think it was possible! It is not a matter of when you fall because I think we have all had hard times where we didn't think we could do it.Maybe some of us havn't but will.But again it isn't a matter of when you fall,its how you pick up the pieces and put yourself back together again!It can be piece by piece;day by day.You could use glue or your friends and family.The point is you get up and abandon all thoughts of hopelessness.Where are you on your journey?

You can be happy but you must look inward for your strengths and be kind to yourself in the process.Write thise thoughts down and turn it into a positive.For example, my thought today was that I got nothing done but my kids had fun with school and my daughter made me a I love you card.Love those! Make today,right now the best part of your day.Take a deep breath and treat yourself to something.The deep breath is very important!

Breathe,relax and be calm

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