Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer of Success-Week 1

June 10-14th

At the end of the year I always ask my kids their favorite things.I trace their hand and have them draw a self portrait.

We are starting our book logs.Each week we will do a special activity for reading. This week we are making a book worm.You start with his head and each time you read a book you add a circle to his body.They will also tally their minutes.We will make reading boxes for them to put books they want to read.Book logs can be put on back of box.

Book box broken down by age
5 and up can decorate,write his/her name on boxes
3-5 yrs can decorate with help.Try to get them to recognize the first letter of name
0-2 Have older kids pick book for the week.They could even read to baby

Here is a break down of week
Scripture:Noah's ark
Nursery Rhyme:What little boys are made of
 Letter of the week W-water week where we will do various activities
Skills to work on daily-reading,writing,math

Monday: Dairy day and activities /make book box
Tuesday:library for books on baby Zoo animals
Thursday:free day after school and family contributions
Friday:Flag day&Fathers day craft
Sunday:Father's Day

Wake up and do family contributions .They earn points and prizes.
9-10 1 hr of schooling-lesson,worksheets, reading,activities for theme or unit
11-12 outside /do things on bucket list
12-2 lunch and quiet time
2-3 snack &outside time
4-5 dinner prep,inside activities, dinner clean up
5-7free time and bedroom clean up
7-8 quiet time
8 in bed can read do things quietly until fall asleep
This is a very flexible schedule and I know there will be late nights :)

For the one hour of schooling is broken down by age as follows:
8 and up-daily tally of minutes read.add them to next days tally for math.fix misspelled sentences,word of the week found in dictionary. There will be words from reading too.After reading a book write character, plot,setting,climax and main ideas. Reading and picking an animal or whatever the interest.Prepare a report.This report will be broken down as data is collected and be done at child's pace.Weekly grocery list written and plan one meal.Counting practice and practice telling the time may also be done.An occasional spelling test might be given.Each subject will take 15 min.

5-7 year old will work on sight words,word families.Writing ideas and punctuation. They can write words for grocery list and identity what it starts with. Basic addition and subtraction will also be done.Counting by 2's and 5's and 10's.

2-4 letter,number,shape and color of the day.It is basically repetition at this point and lots of play.For the grocery list they can associate pictures with their corresponding words. They can also work on counting 1-10.

3 months-24 months
The more reading and singing the better! We earn nursery rhymes and play,explore.The older babies/toddlers may be able to count from 1-3.

Writing prompts for the week:
What I would like to do this summer is.....
My favorite milk treat is.......why...?
At my picnic we ate....or we saw...
I like picnics because. ....
What I love about my dad is

Hope you all have a happy and successful Summer!

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