Friday, July 19, 2013

5 or more ways to survive a road trip!

There is still a lot of time to travel for the Summer!What do you pack? What do you bring to entertain the kids?

First I suggest writing a list.You can also have the older kids write their own.

2.Stop at interesting places.

3.Bring toys including rattles,books,mirrors and a flashlight to entertain the babies.

4.Have a lot of creative activities and games to keep them busy.Dry erase markers can work on windows.Post it notes are also fun.They can write on them and stick them places.We wrote characters from movies on them and then placed them on our foreheads and asked yes or no questions until we guessed who they were.

Make cereal necklaces or paper clip ones.You can also make things with pipe cleaners or write stories with stickers.

5.Make frequent stops and have lots of snacks!

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