Friday, July 12, 2013

5 ways to play with dino's in play-doh

We finished up with courage.We talked about how you can find comfort and courage in the scriptures.There are 3 promises in specific we talked about.
 John 14:26 (the Holy Ghost), D&C 108:8 (the Lord will bless us and deliver us), and 1 John 2:25 (eternal life). 

It is the last day of camp for my older kids so my preschooler wanted to play with play-doh.
1.Make foot prints and talk about dinosaurs.More specifically that some walk on all fours and some on two feet.
2.Make fossils

3.Use an excavator to find the fossils.

4.Break the dinosaurs out of dirt(play-doh).

5.Make your own dinosaur with just a circle and play-doh.Be warned these creatures are scary.

Writing prompt:Write about a character that you can relate to and why.My 8 year old picked Jared from Spiderwick Chronicles because they both are curious.My daughter picked Pinkalicious because........drum roll please.....yep you guessed it she likes pink!
We also counted by fives and for my 8 year old we went over the 5's time tables.

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