Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to teach kids to make an effort

D&C 98:3
“Therefore, he giveth this promise unto you, with an immutable covenant that they shall be fulfilled; and all things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your good, and to my name’s glory, saith the Lord.”

It takes a lot of effort for us to learn a new task or to take responsibility for our messes.It takes even more effort ,I think, to admit fault.I feel like it is a constant battle to get the kids to do things or tell the truth.I found this lesson making an effort.It has videos to go along with each lesson.It also has an activity.In this lesson they talk about life as a game.We have the opponent or our inner voice.This lesson also defines both effort and taking the easy way out.

 Effort: Working hard to achieve a goal; leads to long lasting fulfillment.
Easy Way Out: Not making an effort; leads to temporary fulfillment
 They have 12 lessons which are really great!I will definitely be coming back to this!

Writing prompt:Think of a time when something was hard but you did it anyway.How did it feel? Was it easier the next time?

For 2 and up
Letter:E for effort

When we make a bad choice we can try to make it right or we can lie hoping it will go away.In the movie Emperor's New Groove Kronk is given the task of disposing of the Emperor.He throws him in the river but his conscience gets to him and these comical characters appear on his shoulder in Kronk's conscience 

We don't always hear voices but we do feel bad or sad.It may be a feeling that something is wrong or we feel happy when we do what is right.This is God's spirit to help us as we make an effort to make good choices.

Here is how our brochures are coming along:

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