Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 27,28 and 29-less and moreWhat is the message I want to send in my life?In my home?(31 days challenge)

I hope this isn't too confusing doing 3 challenges in a row,but we have been sick so I got a little behind!This is a busy post but worth it and I am not just saying that because it is on my blog.I really had an epiphany and I had to share! So first I will start with the 3 challenges I should have done these last few days.
Day 27 challenge:
Less in garage more inspiring garages
Take an honest look at the current state of your garage.  Are you happy with how you are using the space?  Do you envision something more?  Is there a way you could better use this space to serve the needs of your family?  Vow to tackle one section of this space today. Clear the clutter, organize, or clean that one small area, then make a plan to tackle another section soon.

Day 28-less craft mess and more creativity
The challenge
Spend some time today sorting & organizing your craft supplies.  Get it all into one place, then purge the things you know you’ll never use, find bins & containers for loose items, and label everything.Chances are, just this process alone will have you feeling more creative and inspired to get crafty.
 Next, embrace your inner artist.  You were made to create. Look for a small project that you can complete in an hour or two ,then carve out some time today to create.

Day 29-less surface clutter and more art
Take a walk through your home and ask yourself,  ”What is the unspoken message my home sends?”
Take everything off of every horizontal surface, then leave it that way for at least 24 hours, just to see how it feels.  Once you’ve experienced a whole day of clutter-free living, take some time to put back only the things you love.

Again I am so sorry I am so late on my post.We have been sick here with an evil stomach bug.I even got it,all within hours of each other.So as you can imagine I am playing catch up today.Lots of laundry and scrubbing happening here!!!

Still I am hoping we can bounce back quickly and enjoy Halloween in less than 2 days!As I was reading these challenges a few words stuck out to me and made me realize something.That is to say that the last month has been really just about making little changes.It could be a better habit you want to work on or clearing the clutter.Either way it is moving forward and trying to let less outside influences or our material possessions control you.The best part is it is totally something we can all accomplish and taylor to our needs.

I pose the challenge a different way.Take an honest look at the current state of your life,your house.Are you happy with how you are using the space,your time,your life?  Do you envision something more?  Is there a way you could better use this space(time)to serve the needs of your family?  Vow to tackle one section of this space today. This space can be anything that you are not happy with.Start small.Clear the clutter, organize, or clean that one small area, then make a plan to tackle another section soon.This clutter can be physical or mental.It really starts with us and wanting to make a real and lasting change!

What is the unspoken message I want my home to send?My life?

Eddie from Life in grace said it perfectly" Your house is not a showroom.  It’s a very personal, living space.  It’s where you are raising children, cooking meals, making a marriage work, making dreams come true.  It’s the most important place you spend your time, second only to your place of worship.  Don’t be afraid to make it your own. Don’t worry about decorating rules.  Surround yourself with the things you love—things that inspire you to be a better mom, wife, chef, photographer, listener, nurse, lover…………"
"All of life is art. Embrace it with full abandon."

When you walk into your home what do you see?Is there piles and boxes?A cozy seating area with laundry and craft materials?I don't know if I embrace and fully understand what feng shui is except that every object has energy but I do know I feel better when my home is notin total choas.

For some more great ideas read this post by Erica Sofrina what does your home say about you?In this article it is suggested to do the following, if you would like to begin the journey of creating a home that you love being in:

"Start by observing every object in your home. Be as objective as possible.
Ask  yourself what messages is it telling you  about who you are and what you believe to be true. Is it revealing priorities or beliefs that you don’t really agree with?
Ask yourself if what you see is serving what you truly want in your life?
Then set about to make sure every object in your home is something you either use on a regular basis, is something you love, and reflects your current tastes and desires.
This is no small feat, but by doing so you will create a home that feeds your soul, uplifts your spirit, and moves your life forward in the direction of your highest choosing!"

Just a little note:

Hopefully I can get my house in order before the holidays!I cannot believe that Christmas is sooo close!Yikes!!October is coming to an end.It has been a great one!Did you get your October must do's?For the next six weeks I will also be participating in this christmas countdown for 2013.I am hoping it will help me have a more organized and less stressful holiday.This will appear on posts sporadically. If you want to follow go to the link above.This weeks challenges
Day 1:Get organized.I am going to carve out some time each day for planning.I have already started my gift lists.I also still need to print out my holiday calendar.
Day 2:Make a Christmas calendar-see this link for how to get started. I think I am just using my notebook I carry around me wherever I go!
Day 3:Set up holiday calendar

Also see my post on how-to-find-balance-during-holidays

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