Friday, November 15, 2013

File it Friday

File it under-a good week!

So those of you who just got here I have been battling with my paper for years!I have been devoting 15 minutes a day to slowly conquer the piles.On Friday I will file papers away that I have organized.Why blog about it?First it keeps me in check.I feel like I have accomplished something.Here is what documents to keep and for how long.

Second it is not just for papers but a way for me to look back and see what worked.If something bad happened during the week I wantto take one more look see what I can learn from this and file it away as a good memory or at least what I learned from it.When I do this I can prepare for my weekend.If there is any loose ends I need to take care of them.I clean my house,my car,my purse because it is date night!Well some nights we are lucky enough to go out!

If you end your week on a positive note then your weekend can be devoted to family,a few projects and fun.We will be putting our outside Christmas lights up because the weather is so unpredictable. Don't worry they don't go on until after Thanksgiving.Its too early but so we don't have someone(my husband because I am a scaredy scaredy cat of heights)slip off the roof and get hurt.So how do we do we end our week right?
1.Make a plan for Friday.Mix your day with fun and work.I usually take a day off on Wednesday or Thursday and don't worry about a schedule or if I have been on the Internet for over 2 hours! ;)

2.Get as much as you can so you can leave your Saturdays free.
3.Practice these 3 great habits

  1. Thank the people that helped you get through your week .
  2. Write down 3 things you accomplished this week that you can be proud of!
  3. Write down 3 goals for next week and I want to add,to go over your goals this week and pick something to work on.

Three things I accomplished this week:I started my 40 days closer to Christ and going strong!I didn't raise my voice at the kids and played basketball with some other woman!It was really a pretty good week!
Three goals I want to add for next week:Finish my command center, finish a Christmas present I am making and continue to write what I am thankful for, read my scriptures daily and take a break in mmy day to say a prayer of gratitude. 

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