Thursday, November 21, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-Take back your kitchen week 3

"Voom is hard to get,You never saw anything Like it,I bet.
Why,Voom cleans up anything clean as can be!"( from The cat in the hat comes back By Dr. Suess)

I could use some Voom!My kids washed a crayon with their clothes and I have been trying to get it out the last few days!I soaked them in borax and laundry detergent.We tried Wd-40.I washed it with bleach.Meanwhile clothes and dishes are backing up!

In the book the cat transfers the pink ring in the tub to a dress,a wall,shoes,the rug,and the bed.Sometimes I feel this way,I just clean something and it just as bad in the next room!

So unfortunately this means my kitchen command and conquer center is on hold till I get some voom or more time!The kitchen and the laundry have to be done daily or this!

I did go through some more papers and I cleaned out the fridge!I found a lot of my Tupperware this way!:)
I have been saving cereal boxes so I can make a desk caddy.If I can catch up tonight and tomorrow then maybe I can get my command and conquer center started and then move to my cupboards!
Christmas countdown
Day 20-status check
 What do you still need to do to get ready for the holidays?
Day 21-26
These days have to do with getting the house ready.Clean the pantry,freezer and fridge

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