Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 21-(40 days closer to Christ.)To always remember him.

Invitation from 21days closer to Christ:

Challenge:Always try to remember him.

How did I remember him today? I read my scriptures and prayed before I did anything else.I prayed to make good choices and use my time wisely.To remember him we should be aware that every thought and action should be towards his will.This sounds daunting yes but if he is our center,everything else revolves around him.Elder D Todd Christoffersen breaks it down when he said:

"We can begin by stripping everything out of our lives and then putting it back together in priority order with the Savior at the center. We should first put in place the things that make it possible to always remember Him—frequent prayer and scripture study, thoughtful study of apostolic teachings, weekly preparation to partake of the sacrament worthily, Sunday worship, and recording and remembering what the Spirit and experience teach us about discipleship.

"We do so by always remembering Him—particularly through three important actions: first, seeking to know and follow His will; second, recognizing and accepting our obligation to answer to Christ for every thought, word, and action; and third, living with faith and without fear so that we can always look to the Savior for the help we need."

"Other things may come to your mind particularly suited to you at this point in your life. Once we make adequate time and means for these matters in centering our lives in Christ, we can begin to add other responsibilities and things of value, such as education and family responsibilities. In this way the essential will not be crowded out of our lives by the merely good, and things of lesser value will take a lower priority or fall away altogether."

"We know that challenges, disappointments, and sorrows will come to each of us in different ways, but we also know that in the end, because of our divine Advocate, all things can be made to work together for our good.(Ensign April 2011)

Teaching our kids should be at the top of our list.I don't mean we have to homeschool but to take moments to teach.That is a Divine call each of us parents have.Make the moments count and teach with love and understanding

When times are tough or at the end of a long day let our minds be filled with his thoughts and guidance(not our own).This does not mean our every thought does have to be about him or the house,or work.It is more how we follow his example.He wants our house to be in order but he also does not want us to run faster than we have strength.(These are things I have learned from the scriptures)Try not to get discouraged and decide what your priorities will be and pray for them to fit with his will.Then do your best to be happy and positive and avoid discouragement and anger.This is an example of how you can remember him.Doing the important things first and then prioritizing.We can allow his influence in like we do the sun.Let his light guide you and lift you.Then at the end of the day we can l lift our voices up and fill our heart with gratitude.

All through November I wrote what I was grateful for and it really did make it easier to feel happy and not see the doom and gloom.As we practice and put first things first.It does get easier.It is easy to see his hand in our life if we give him credit.May we take the first step and stumble on our knees!

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