Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 32-34(40 days closer to Christ)4 gifts to bring Jesus into our home in 2014

Day 32-
Read Isaiah 50:10-11
Write down some ways you have been able to turn to the Lord for direction and support.
Write down some of the ways you have learned to trust him.
Today find one way to share your testimony of these two principle .with someone who is struggling.
Day 33-
Read Luke 10:38-42
Remeber who you are.What are you best at?What gift can you offer?How can that gift bring more joy to the people around you?
Choose to give the better part today.Find one wary that you can use your gift to serve someone else's need.
Day 34-
Read Luke 19:1-6
Find a place you can go to focus on the Lord.
Make haste and invite the Lord into your home.How will you prepare to receive him?

I have been doing a lot of thinking along these lines.I sat tonight looking at my Christmas tree all lit up and pondered on what I can do better in this new year.Here are 4 gifts I want to give the Savior this upcoming year.These are all big things!
1.It is hard to always feel peace in your home.Sometimes I can have all four of my kids or just some causing grief at one time!The biggest thing I can do is control my attitude and temper.If I am doing the fortifying of my home(reading scripture and praying as anindividual and family);then tbe atmosphere in my home is lighter.There is less arguing and more working together.
2.Love your spouse and make sure the kids know you love him/her.
3.This is something I am trying to be more mindful of and that is talking about Jesus more often,not just when we pray and read scriptures.
4.Nourish my spiritual self with scriptures and prayers so I can be a better Mom.I am not going to do it because I feel I have to but because I want to.I want to study and pray to draw him in!

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