Sunday, March 15, 2015

Letters A,B, C and D Review

Sorry it has been a while! I needed to take a little break and do some of my passions! I have still been teaching still.

 I got a hair cut!

I started writing my book and took up painting! Here is what I have done so far!

My preschooler is really starting to pick up letters now! Yay! There is only 5 more months until Kindergarten so I am really focusing on writing and being familiar with letters and numbers!

Devotional: D&C 59:7
 Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things.

Letter A

Nursery Rhyme: Hey Diddle Diddle

Counting Pennies. Pennies are worth one cent.

Make A with toothpicks.

Letter B
Number:3-A three looks like a B without the line 3

Nursery Rhyme: Pat-a-cake

B is for Baker

Character: Sharing and helping
Story: The little red hen

Math: Which cookies have 3 chocolate chips?

Letter C

Letter: D
Arrange letters A-D in order
Arrange numbers 1-4 in order
We also enjoyed learning letters with Oobi

I also let the kids practice writing and asked them about their pictures.

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