Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 13 for 31 day of May-keovers-When it feels like all is lost reach for a lifesaver

When I started doing my May-keovers this month I was not expecting it be so in depth. Ideas keep flowing to me like a river flows to the ocean. I guess when you hit a road block and you feel like everything is out of control, you ask for a life preserver to stay afloat. That is what I feel like lately. I am treading water and barely staying afloat. This feeling of limbo has me feeling all kinds of emotions. We don't always know why we feel the way we do. Our feelings can be like a fog rolling in. What we see or used to see is blurred or not even visible.

  "You are making me stressed." I said. After I said that I retracted my comment like I was in the court of law. No one can make me stressed or mad. They can provoke it but ultimately it is my attitude and response to the situation that makes me feel things. Individuals handle things and see things differently. For example, what if you fell into the ocean. Some people would panic and scream for help. Others may not even surface, but drown. I even bet a few people would actually be strong enough to tread water until they are rescued. We don't always know how we will react in a given situation until we are in it. Maybe you were pushed in. MAN OVER BOARD!

Let me throw you a lifesaver! If you are lucky someone will notice that you need help. If you went overboard the waves and the boat moving away from you make it hard to keep a good visual. According to protocol those on the boat should throw anything that floats to make a trail. A friend or a family member may not know how to get the lifesaver too you.  Here are four things that will float to make a trail to find you.

  1. Know what is happening. Look up your symptoms, go to the doctor or talk to people who are going through something similar. That way when you do hit rough waters you have someone who is watching and keeping an eye on you!
  2. What works for one person doesn't always work for you. Once you have gathered your information and done everything to figure out why you or your body feels this way; take it slow and try to not worry about the big picture. The focus should be about you and techniques to keep you afloat.
  3. It will get better it just takes time. This is a hard one to hear but over time you will adjust to whatever your circumstances may be. This is your life line and if you follow it you will be pulled back to where you feel safe.
  4. Stay in control of you. Don't flail around or you will waste your energy. Your attitude is the one thing that you and only you have control of.
 If you went over board in real life the water would be freezing cold so your job would be to survive! As I read more about what to do when you fall overboard I realized that I really didn't know so this has been enlightening! At some point you might want to educate yourself on what to do if you see someone fall in or if you fall in. see more details here

Today's assignment:
Do you feel like you are just trying to survive? I know we all do sometimes. Take a step towards making things better. It could be accepting something you have been hoping will go away. You may need to ask for extra help. It could be just doing something a little differently. You can make little changes in habits, diets, routines, relationships, health and our attitudes. You are not alone and there is no reason why you should keep being a victim. All you need to do is grab that lifesaver and you are almost there!

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