Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 21 for 31 more days of May-keovers- How to find your true calling and voice

I came across 4 steps to finding your voice by Steven R. Covey. I thought it was very interesting. Maybe to jump start any real change we need to have a little chat with our soul.  Our soul is more than what you think others expect of you. It is much deeper. Perhaps you have been afraid to really dig down deep. I know this month I have found out how manipulative I can be, even when what  I want is a good thing. The post by Steven is a Q and A.

Q: How do you define "voice" ?
A: Voice is the overlapping of the four parts of our nature: our body, our mind, our heart, and our spirit. These also represent the four intelligences: our IQ for the mind, our EQ for the heart, our SQ for the spirit, and our PQ for the body.

To help you find this, answer these 4 question.

  1. What are you good at? That’s your mind.

  2. What do you love doing? That’s your heart.

  3. What need can you serve? That’s the body.

  4. And finally, what is life asking of you? What gives your life meaning and purpose? What do you feel like you should be doing? In short, what is your conscience directing you to do? That is your spirit.

Today's assignment:
I want you to answer these questions. It may take some thinking but I really think it will help May-keover your inner beauty and calling in life. Yes, most of my readers are or were Mothers. That is a divine calling to be sure! Maybe some of you have a career in mind or that is on the back burner.

Here are my results?
1.What am I good at?

 I thought about when I feel the most energized and happy. To answer that is when I write, create, visit with friends and play with my kids. Also what is effortless to me is helping when I am needed. When it gets too close to home then it is stressful and a lot more work for me. Look at someone you want to be like and ask yourself why? Try to mirror what you admire. If you are not sure what you are good at; try lots of different things.

2. What do you like doing?

 It is not only what you are good at but what you like to do. I am a big people person! I still interact with people in my neighborhood and on my blog. I never would have thought that I would be good at blogging. A few years ago I thought a blog was pictures on the web, like a scrap book for my family and friends. Nope! It is a calling. I feel incomplete if I don't write my thoughts ,and feel like maybe I could help someone in the process.

A month ago I stared at a blank canvas with acrylic paint and a picture of what I wanted. I wasn't sure how to start or what it would look like. It all came together and it is something I am very proud of. Finding what your good at is like painting. First you get a picture in your head of what you want. You pick the colors and stroke some colors on a blank canvas. Viola! Your masterpiece emerges as you blend and define your subject.

3.What need can you serve?
This was a tough one for me. I have never really felt needed. I moved from home to my husband who has all his family near by. Friends seem to come and go when all I wish for is loyalty. I know I am needed as a Mom and a wife, but these things do not come effortlessly to me. However, loving them is easy and unconditional. But feeling alone and having challenges are hard. I feel like I am in a battle zone with a severely allergy sensitive kid. I have another that is very anxious. All of them are very strong willed and so am I. There are battle wounds at the end of the day. Constant battles and busy schedules make it harder to see the light and just relax and enjoy myself.

4. What gives your life meaning and purpose?
I know that I am a daughter of God. I am here to be tested and bring and teach my children. Being a mother gives me meaning. Most of all just remembering that God loves me and will help me. Being a wife also gives me an opportunity to really use my skills. If I could just let go of what is holding me back from feeling that I am a good Mom, wife and friend. It is a balancing act and a reminder to myself of why I am here every day!
Finding my voice in the chaos that is motherhood!

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