Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 22 fpr 31 days of May-keovers- 3 ways to connect with a freind this weekend

When was the last time you had a good old fashioned girls night out? I am guessing over half of you can't remember the last time, right? I am guilty as charged. It feels like we all have to lock ourselves up and throw away the key to get all the girls together. Did you know that spending time with friends is great for your health? Plus it gives you a much needed break!

Where to start?

According to Jill Martin and Dana Ravich's e-book The weekend makeover-Get a brand new life by Monday morning ,you can do a friendship makeover in a weekend! They suggest that when something is out of control you should make a list on Friday. Interesting? I love lists but I never thought of that. Grab you contact list and write down names of those you would like to reconnect with. It is okay to include your loved ones too! I have to schedule date night with my kids and husband otherwise it gets lost in the chaos of life.

These authors suggest going through you call logs, texts and emails and see who you haven't responded to. Stop making excuses on why you are too busy and just plan something. Throw it out there on Face book and see who takes the bait. Don't neglect your friends anymore. It may not be like it "used to" but you can grow together if you put a little effort into it.

I have also seen the phrase "toxic friends" tossed around on the Internet. These are people who bring you down or who just don't fit in your life no matter how hard you try. A circle isn't going to fit in a hole shaped like a square. It is okay to let people leave your life naturally, without any hurt feelings. We all have friends that for some reason or another drifted away. This is your list so do it however you want! You can do this every year. A great time to do this de-clutering is when you do your Christmas cards?

On Saturday get your phone or tablet ready! It is exciting to think of re-connecting with friends. Start calling, texting or emailing people back. For a while I was calling this kind of reconnection Friend Friday. But per this book I like doing this the day after. Then take a rest. I don't know about you but being excited and social wears me out!

Next, make a plan to get together and put it on the calendar! It doesn't matter if you get together next week or several months from now. Just make a plan! I like to write all their birthdays down and make sure I call or send them something to let them know I am thinking of them.

Sunday these wonderful weekend warriors recommend having an outing that you planned Saturday or be spontaneous and call someone. You can do that step, but Sunday is usually spent with family for me. Maybe someone in your family made it onto the list and you can dedicate time with them. This should be a lot of fun and maybe get you out of funk.

Today's assignment:
As mentioned above, write a list, establish contact through various social media and make a date! Don't forget to read this great e-book!

I challenge you to a friend May-keover!

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