Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 7 for 31days of May-keovers- Taking care of my mind garden


Your mind is a garden.
Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

This little poem really was profound to me. It is really hard to be aware of my thoughts. I have started journaling both the negative and positive to be more aware of what I am truly planting as my seeds. This takes extra time and sometimes accepting or looking at my thoughts differently. Even though dandelions are weeds and people want to get rid of them, they are also really good for you to eat. I have had dandelion jam before. Even though bad thoughts come into our minds it doesn't mean they can't be used to teach us a lesson or help us change for the better. Some people blow on them because they believe they are making a  wish. Children don't see them as weeds but as white helicopters in the sky! My children squeal in delight to watch the hair like seeds transport and fly through the air.
A seed is small and weak. It can grow when under the right conditions. If it is left alone it will produce nothing. So once a thought is planted is the time to let it grow or remove it. A seed also needs the right soil to grow. We cannot just put a flower in the soil and not cover it with dirt. We need to search to know where to place the seed to receive the right amount of sunlight and water. If we give way to negative thoughts it can spread and consume our thoughts. Thoughts of happiness take time to take root and grow and blossom. At times my garden is overcome with weeds, bugs and pesticides. That is when I need my mental weed wacker to demolish the chaos and despair. I can't just do this carelessly, but thoughtfully writing down and emptying my mind. It is a long process of removing the old and preparing for the new and it has to be my choice! It is disappointing to see all that you have planted only produce weeds.
It is a constant battle to fill holes with flowers and it demands being aware and taking a walk through your mind. This has been my focus in May, although not intentional. If I think about my happiness blueprint and what I want, I can plan where I want things to go. I can be as creative as I want! I can add and take away from it. For a while it might take a daily meditation and pondering to be inspired and want to do something with all those weeds. Every morning I wake up and go outside to see more weeds. There is always something waiting to pop up! They take no time at all to grow.

 I also notice and take joy in the act of tending my real garden .I seem to be doing the same thing that I do in my garden but also in my mind. I can weed my garden and my mind with such harmony and contemplation. I have a lot more damage control on my mind though. Yet both are becoming a joy to me! I thought this was a beautiful video.

Today's assignment:
Ask yourself how your mind garden is? Take some time to write about what comes to your mind and make a plan. You could also buy a flower in a pot and tend it inside until you are ready to plant it.

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