Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 9 for 31 May-keover-Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mothers out there! It is tomorrow but I thought we should think about it now. Where would we be without our mothers? As mothers we are too hard on ourselves. We are always on the job, so to speak, 365 days. It is incredibly hard to be a parent. You are a chauffeur, cook, educator, teacher, manager, nurse, psychologist and more. We completely dedicate ourselves to whatever our sweet little children need. Along the way we start to define ourselves as Mom and we lose who we used to be. If only we had a compass to let us know when we are going off course. Mothers day should be a reality check for what we really do each day. It is like our pay day! I love the smiles and how they give me all these cute handmade gifts. It is worth it all!

I feel that Mother's day is a chance to start over and give ourselves a makeover. Sleep in late, put on some heels or try a new shade of lipstick. When was the last time you cut or colored your hair? Just doing a little something for you makes you feel a little less lost and......lovely. :) Find yourself, find time and find your energy!

Today's assignment:
Enjoy your Mothers Day! You deserve it! My kids agree!

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