Tuesday, March 19, 2013

color blue activities and letter M

Here is our table of blue.I also included play mail for the letter m.They found the blue grass right away.It went everywhere.It was a salad in a hat.It was a wig and it wad just fun to throw.These trays are so good for fine motor activities.Next they played with the mail and they made a mail box out of a card board box.


We traced the letter M and talked about words that start with M.They came up with Mom,moo,mouth,mountain,more.I talked about Manners.

I wrote on construction paper  "thank you" and "please".I told them I was going to teach them magic and had them pull the paper out.These are magic words. Abracadabra!

We played a game where we passed a ball.Someone would ask for the ball and the receiver would say thank you.Then we reversed it.

Music and movement-danced with streamers

How will the baby react?It is great at this age to hang things over their head.

As I fed the baby we read lots of books I mean lots!
A great one ti review shapes is The okay book.Written by Todd Parr
We talked about shapes and colors because it is such a colorful book.
Happy Easter Mouse by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond.It is a book I just bought for Easter.It is also a great review of colors.

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