Thursday, March 7, 2013

Take back your Turf

It is the month of March and I can't wait to see the end of Winter! It is the perfect time to walk through your home in each room and decide what projects need to be done.I want to get my kitchen painted it is really old looking and needs an update so when I finally can go back to my normal every day that is the first project that I want to work on.

Every year I try to save up for Christmas and I end up putting it off.My parents always had a Christmas budget.So I want to start now .Also I need to buy wrapping paper and birthday stuff because starting next Month I have birthday after birthday.Ugh! My babies are growing up.

For now I will just be doing a thorough clean of each room.I will start with the entry way and what all I want there.I have seen a lot of awesome entry way ideas.I will be happy to be putting all my winter stuff away my closet will be able to breathe.Luckily there are hooks on the inside of the door for backpacks
and jackets. That is all that should be in there.I took the shoe basket out of the closet because it all ends up on the floor.So next week or when I am finally up to it I will be cleaning out the closet.Next I will wipe down and wash the door and baseboards .We have a beautiful stain glass window that needs cleaning.The last week, I will move into my living room and start from the top to bottom.I will dust,clean curtains,wipe baseboards,clean fireplace and decorate it for Spring.Next I will start on the Kitchen one cabinet at a time!
What are your plans for Spring cleaning?

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