Thursday, March 21, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday

I feel really good about all I have accomplished.All my help has gone home but my sister really helped me pair down on the things in my closet.First in my linen closet I moved all cleaning supplies to the bigger closet in my laundry room.Next I took everything out to see what I had.As usual too much stuff for a space.I decided I wanted to cover my shelf with paper.We cleaned the shelves and washed the back of the closet.I wiped down the door frame and door with vinegar.It does a really good job.
Here is the before picture

They look so pretty huh?

We put things back and there was still too much stuff.I decided to move it to the kids bathroom.We put up shelves and got baskets for kids bath stuff and towels.
Now it looks like this.

Here is the before of the wall of the bathroom.

Here is the linen closet before again.
Here is the after.

A little trick someone told me for sheets is to put them in the pillow case so it looks nice and neat and it all stays together.

The next thing I did was scrub the shower top to bottom.I used hot vinegar and dish soap for the tough stuff and it came right out! I just poured the soap along the edges and then sprayed the vinegar.I am going to continue to clean top to bottom.First I will do the walls and door frames,curtains,blinds,windows,shelves.Dusting will also be included in it like frames,glass figures.That way all the stuff falls onto things you haven't cleaned yet.We will see how I do this weekend and next week.

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