Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 19-20 for 31 days of May-keovers -5 ways to May-keover you summer

For this month, nothing has really gone as planned. I was in the ER last night with the worst migraine I have ever had! They gave me a 2 shots and after me and my husband got home I was completely out of it. That is why I didn't write last night.

Summer isn't that far away! If we do a few May-keovers now you will have a more organized and productive summer. I always look forward to Summer time. Hint: It is not because of the heat! Blah I do not like it when it gets too hot or too cold. It does both, where I live. {sigh}

Here are some ways I try to May-keover my summer each year.

1. Have a plan
  • bag of picnic stuff
  • diaper bag packed each night
  • lesson plan for each of my kids to keep them working
  • Fight plan- when the kids fight, and they will, I want to have a plan of what to do. Hopefully I can keep them busy so they won't. That is just wishful thinking!
  • create a daily or weekly schedule to keep structure and routine. You can follow me as I post my Summer of success.
  • help my kids learn skills like being organized and staying confident
  • plan food for those hot nights and impromptu parties
  • list of chores
2. Get in shape
  • exercise
  • eat healthy-lots of fruits and veggies in zip lock bags

3. Let the light in your house-natural light
  • brighten your space with flowers and bright and cheerful colors. I like to take a whole bouquet of flowers and  split them up all over the house.
4. Update clothing and donate the old.

5.Are you ready to entertain? Freshen up your deck and get ready to get your grill on!

If you do all or just some of these you can have a much more fun and care-free summer!

Love these 13 things for preparing kids and us Mom's for summer! My favorite is how ever much you read is how much T.V. you can watch! Brilliant!

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