Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 4 for 31 days of May-keovers- How to tell if your family is a warm or ice cold bath

How does family work as a whole? 

All members of the family depend on home to provide protection, comfort and peace. Think of families like trees who dig deep roots into the ground. Parents who have respect and nurture their children help them to make roots to one day stand on their own with their beliefs and morals. When they all have deep roots they help each other when the hard storm of life comes their way. Each family member is integral and unique.

Healthy relationships

If your family is healthy then the parents are working together and siblings are encouraged to work together and help each other. There always seems to be one kid who acts out. Any attention is better than none. As parents we need to look at ourselves when this starts to happen. Family is not an individual journey, but a journey as a group. It is not enough to point fingers at each other but for each individual family member to access how they feel. It is not like a tree can pick up its roots and walk off. Everyone feels a change no matter how big or small.

A Functionalist Talcott Parson's came up with the warm bath theory. It says that family is like a warm bath, where the family can recharge their batteries, receive emotional support and be able to act out childish whims. I am not going to go into Parson's theory in detail. I do however like the symbolism of it. I asked my husband if he felt like coming home after a long day at work was like a warm bath.

He said "Today yes but sometimes it is like jumping into an icy cold bath that you weren't expecting" Haha he makes me laugh! I was actually baptized in freezing cold water and I still remember it. Brrrrrr who wants those icy cold feelings? Not me!

Taking a bath is so appealing because of the deep muscle relaxing that occurs. It can help with stress and calming the mind. If you add Epsom salts it can help sore muscles and detoxify.

Try a green tea bath?

Water brings life. Jesus is known as "living water". If we are surrounded by his love it can also feel comforting. John 4:7-14 Is the story of the woman at the well. We must keep ourselves immersed in the living waters of Jesus Christ.

Today's assignment:
Take a bath. No seriously! You need to research what it feels like to relax right? While you are relaxing, think about how you are functioning as a family. Think about your kids and how your relationship is with each of them. Don't forget to include your significant others too!


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